Tennessee Bankers

Bank Exam Prep Center

Tennessee Bankers Association is part of The Coalition of Bankers Associations which represents 38 state banking associations across America and was formed to provide member banks with information to prepare for their examinations and ensure bank examinations are conducted fairly and consistently.

In 2010 The Coalition launched the Regulatory Feedback Initiative, and each year since we have asked our member banks to complete a Post Exam Survey after each examination or visitation. Thousands of banks have completed surveys and we have used that feedback to help other banks prepare for their examinations and identify and address inconsistencies in the examination process.

We never collect the names of any banks completing the survey so each participant’s anonymity is assured. Additionally, we don’t ask for any protected details of your examination so the survey does not violate the confidentiality required by regulators (click here to see The Coalition's legal opinion).

We strongly encourage every bank to use our Bank Exam Prep Center (which is driven by survey data from recently completed examinations) to prepare for each examination. We continue to ask every bank in America to complete a post exam survey after their examination. A link to the survey can be requested by clicking here.