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WEBINAR: Implementing the 2020 Uniform Residential Loan Application

April 15: Live Webinar

1:30–3:30 p.m. CT


The Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), also referred to as the 1003 Mortgage Application, is the industry standard form used by nearly all mortgage lenders in the United States. This basic form must be completed by a borrower to apply for a mortgage. While some lenders may use alternative forms or simply accept basic borrower information about their identity, property type and value, the vast majority of lenders rely on the 1003 form.

While the URLA has been in use for decades, the format and content of the form has changed from time to time. Recently, the URLA and the related forms, including the Borrower Information (nine pages in length), the Additional Borrower, the Unmarried Addendum, the Lender Information, and the Continuation Sheet have been revised. According to the current schedule, acceptance of the forms by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will begin on September 1, 2020, and use of the new forms will be mandatory on November 1, 2020. The current version of the URLA will no longer be accepted on or after November 1, 2021.

Are you and your mortgage lending staff ready? The clock is running again.

This program provides comprehensive coverage of the revision process and the content of the revised URLA and related documents. The program includes step-by-step instructions on completing the forms and explains connections to CFPB’s Regulation B (Equal Credit Opportunity Act) and Regulation C (HMDA). Program participants receive a detailed manual that provides a thorough explanation of the revisions and revised forms.


Program Content

Upon completion of the program participants understand:
• Regulatory requirements (Regulations B and C and OCC Part 27) for collection of demographic data;
• Implementation Dates for the New Forms; 
   – Optional Use Date;
   – Mandatory Use Date
• New Uniform Residential Loan Application (Form 1003);
   – Section 1: Borrower Information;
      -Section 1a: Personal Information;
      -Section 1b through 1e: Current Employment/Self Employment and Income;
   – Section 2: Financial Information - Assets and Liabilities;
      -Sections 2a through 2d - Assets and Liabilities;
   – Section 3: Financial Information - Real Estate;
      -Sections 3a through 3c - Property and Additional Property;
   – Section 4: Loan and Property Information;
      -Sections 4a through 4d - Loan and Property Information, Other New Mortgage Loans, Rental Income, Gifts and Grants;
   – Section 5: Declarations
      - Sections 5a and 5b - About this Property and About Your Finances;
   – Section 6 - Acknowledgements and Agreements;
   – Section 7 - Military Service
   – Section 8 - Demographic Information; Coordination with the HMDA requirements
   – Section 9 - Loan Originator Information
• Demographic Information Addendum
• Additional Borrower Form
• Unmarried Addendum
• Lender Information Form
   – Sections L1 through L3 - Property and Loan Information, Title Information, Mortgage Loan Information;
   – Sections L4 - Qualifying the Borrower; 
• Continuation Sheet


Who Should Attend

The program is designed for mortgage loan department management and staff, compliance officers, and auditors.


Registration information

Site connections/registrations for this program are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Everyone registered for this webinar will receive access information for the presentation plus materials for printing via email on Monday, April 13, 2020. Those who do not receive information by 2 p.m. CT on that date are not considered registered and should contact Sheena Frech in the TBA office. You may contact TBA prior to April 13 to verify receipt of your registration. 
Tennessee Bankers Association does not assume responsibility for incorrect information supplied to us, for those registering incorrectly for the program, or for registrants who do not contact TBA if they have not received access information by 2 p.m. CT on April 13, 2020.


Webinar Access Information

Webinar participants receive phone access for the audio portion of the presentation and a link to the PowerPoint slides shown during the webinar. The presentation is approximately 120+ minutes, including time for Q&A. Each individual registration provides one connection to the live audio program, and this connection allows you to have unlimited listeners present during the presentation.


Program Fees

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Registration $390$410

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Registration $340$360

Live Only

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Registration $305$325

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Sheena Frech - sfrech@tnbankers.org
Director of Education
Tennessee Bankers Association
211 Athens Way, Ste 100 • Nashville, TN 37228-1381
800/964-5525 or 615/244-4871 or www.TNBankers.org

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