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NOTE: Payment is due along with submitting the application. Please have a credit card ready to process payment for the school. To print the application and submit payment by e-mail, mail, or fax, click the “Download Brochure” link on the right and use the form on the last page of the PDF.

TBA cannot accept applications after May 1, 2019


  •  May 12-17
    TBA Barrett Training Center, Nashville


Early Registration Deadline: April 15, 2019

Any applicant withdrawing after the April 15 discounted tuition deadline but before May 1 will be refunded all fees except a $250 cancellation fee. There is no refund, with the exception of extenuating circumstances, if a registrant withdraws after May 1 or fails to attend the school. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the TBA.

Applicant Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nickname
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • SS# (last four digits, for tracking grades)
  • Date of Birth
  • Bank Name
  • Bank Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone


TBA will make all hotel reservations. Hotel will accept requests for modifications or changes only through the TBA.

  • If you want a private room, click SINGLE. Please note that rates are Free double/$800 single for the event.
    Double: Free/event
    Single: $800/event
  • Background information is helpful when assigning housing
  • Roommate preference:
    (Roommate requests are accommodated when possible. To request a specific roommate, write in his/her name. If you do not have a preference, write NO PREFERENCE and the school will assign a roommate.)

Professional Information

  • Education Background (Select highest level attended)
    High School
    Some College
    Associate Degree
    Bachelor's Degree
    Graduate Degree
  • Total Years of Banking Experience
    Less than 1 year
    1-5 years
    6-10 years
    11-20 years
    Over 20 Years
  • Total years of Consumer Lending Experience
    Less than 1 year**
    1-5 years**
    6-10 years
    11-20 years
    Over 20 Years

** Any bank experience and/or commercial lending experience less than 3 years requires written documentation from the CEO or the nominating officer supporting the request to waive this prerequisite. Please send documentation to Monique Jenkins - mwhite@TNBankers.org

  • Size of Bank's Loan Portfolio
    Under $1 million
    $1-$5 million
    $6-$10 million
    $11-$50 million
    $51-$100 million
    Over $100 million
  • Size of Bank (Assets)
    Under $50 million
    $50-$100 million
    $501 million-$1 billion
    Over $1 billion


High School/Prep

  • Name of School
  • Year Graduated
  • Degree Received (if any)


  • Name of School
  • Year Graduated
  • Degree Received (if any)

Graduate School/Banking School

  • Name of School
  • Year Graduated
  • Degree Received (if any)

To satisfy admission requirements, you must indicate, in the area below, how you acquired a basic knowledge and understanding in the following subjects. If a basic knowledge is not indicated, your CEO or other authorized executive of your institution must submit a letter with this application explaining why these admission requirements should be waived. Please e-mail Monique White for further information.

Specify courses or educational activities. At least one box must be checked in each section.


    Basic concepts including the accounting cycle, special journals and subsidiary ledgers, payroll records and procedures, reporting operating results, the accrual basis of accounting, partnership, and corporate accounting.

    American Bankers Association
    College Courses
    Other (specify)

    Characteristics of financial statements and their analysis including the goals, methods, and tools of analysis, accounts receivable, inventories, balance sheets, profit and loss analysis, and their relationship to each other.

    American Bankers Association
    College Courses
    Other (specify)

    Basic economic principles, the economy - how it works, the Federal Reserve System, the business of banking, monetary policy and its impact on financial markets and banks, fiscal policy, and trends in banking.

    American Bankers Association
    College Courses
    Other (specify)

I have read the admission requirements and desire to enroll in the school. In applying for admission, I understand that I will be expected to attend all classes, to prepare assigned work, and to abide in all respects to the standards established by the school. I agree to the code of ethics set forth by the school. I authorize the school to release my completion status to the management of my institution upon written request from my CEO or nominating officer.

  • Applicant's initials
  • Nominating Officer's initials
  • Nominating Officer's name
  • Nominating Officer's title

This institution does not discriminate with regard to race, religion, gender, or age.

TBA cannot accept applications after May 1, 2019