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Teach Children to Save Day

Teach Children to Save – April 12, 2019, is a national campaign that raises awareness about the important role that banks and bankers play in helping young people develop lifelong savings habits. The program has reached 4 million young people with the help of some 97,000 banker volunteers through its website and annual awareness day. Join bankers across the country in celebrating Teach Children to Save Day by hosting your own Teach Children to Save event.

How Can Your Bank Get Involved

Register your bank to participate. Once registered you'll have access to all of the tools and information you need to make your bank's event a success. To learn more visit: www.teachchildrentosave.com.

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A System for Saving Your Money

Savvy saving can start at any age. Help your children learn about money with "Beginner Budgeting" from the ABA Education Foundation.

Best-selling author and ABA Family Finance Adviser Neale Godfrey recommends helping your child split up any money he or she earns, receives, or even finds. Show them how to divide their money using the "10% - 30% - 30% - 30%" system and put it in four separate, labeled containers. Clear jars are best. This makes savings visible and real. After all, everyone enjoys watching their money grow.

• 10% Charity - Take 10% off the top to share.

• 30% Quick Cash - Use this 30% for instant gratification.

• 30% Medium-term Savings - Save this 30% for 1-6 months to purchase something special.

• 30% Long-term Savings - Use this 30% for important things in the future, like college.