Tennessee Bankers

1606-6 Credit Manager

Position Description


DEPARTMENT: Loan Administration

REPORTS TO: Chief Operations Officer

SUPERVISES: Consumer Lending & Loan Operations


Responsible for the management of the bank's credit portfolio and credit department. This
includes, but not limited to: quality, growth, monitoring, documentation,
servicing/collections. Manages problem and past due loan accounts in order to minimize
any potential loss to the bank, recommend loans restructures when appropriate, and to
recover charged-off loans to the greatest practical extent. Also, responsible for monitoring
internal loan controls and establishing written policies and procedures for Senior
Management approval. Manages the overall lending regulatory compliance. Personnel
supervisory authority and training responsibility as assigned.



Preferably college degree and/or 5-7 years of  experience in lending area of a commercial bank with demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills. Strong analytical and
communication skills (both verbal and written), and must have the ability to deal tactfully
and efficiently with bank customers and other employees. A thorough knowledge of loans,
credit forms and credit operations is required. Be knowledgeable of the computer system,
both input and output inquiry. Must be able to supervise personnel with the ability to
manage and direct the activities of loan operations staff,



  • Review Responsibilities - Review all credits in excess of $100M to ensure long-term asset quality through review of credits presented for approval and preparation of appropriate reports to President and COO.
  • Policies and Procedures - To actively monitor the portfolio to ensure that staff and lenders operate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, policies and procedures approved by the Board.
  • To maintain, update and recommend changes to the Bank's loan policy as it pertains, but is not limited to, underwriting criteria, loan authorities, structure requirements, risk tolerance levels, portfolio distribution, financial information, analysis requirements, collections and charge-offs.
  • Periodically review and reevaluate (at least annually) the adequacy and effectiveness of established policies and procedures.
  • Communicate and interpret lending policies.
  • To remain current with regulatory, accounting or other changes that affect lending in all aspects.
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses - To prepare monthly loan allowance reports to include adjusting the methodology as necessary and ensuring that the Bank has adequately reserved for the risk inherent in the Bank's portfolio.
  • Monitoring and Reporting - Responsible for accurately reporting to Senior Management; documentation, collateral, policy, compliance, financial reporting exceptions and all required quarterly reports. The holder of this position is required to report on the asset quality of the loan portfolio, including delinquencies, non-accruals, OREO, loan concentrations and profitability analyses.
  • Risk Ratings - Evaluate the accuracy of risk ratings established by the lending officers including the ability to interpret and understand risk rating definitions. Provide training to lending and credit personnel on risk ratings.
  • Underwriting - Periodically assess (at least annually) the quality of analytical analysis performed by the lenders.
  • Problem Loans - Manage larger problem loans and manage and monitor workout activities. Protects and inspects collateral, and pursues its liquidation, initiating legal proceedings as necessary.
  • Bank Management - To participate in the overall management of the Bank and assist in achieving the long-term profitability, influencing asset quality and prudent long-term strategic direction.
  • Documentation - To work with the respective account officers and the credit personnel to
  • ensure that new and existing loans are properly documented and lien positions are
  • appropriately perfected.
  • Loan Operations - To ensure applicable areas provide prompt and efficient service to external and internal customers. Ensures loan operations run efficiently, accurately and according to established procedures and policies.
  • Real Estate Valuations - To ensure uniformity of appraisal engagements and reviews.
  • Ensure all financial statement updates are review and applicable memorandum prepared for inclusion in the credit file.
  • Adhere to a viable reporting routine as required by management.
  • Perform other tasks as requested by supervisor and Senior Management as they relate to the bank and its functions.


This job description is a general representation, and not all inclusive, of the duties and responsibilities commonly found for this type of position.

Qualified applicants may submit their resumes to Patricia Mays at pmay@bankcbn.com