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Today's world of financial services is complex and ever-changing. The banking industry places a high priority on helping consumers make the best choices for their financial needs. The Tennessee Bankers Association is where you'll find important information to help make educated financial decisions.

 TBA Programs and Resources

Personal Economics Program
Get Smart About Credit Day
Teach Children to Save & National Teach Children to Save Day
Federal Reserve site for Personal Financial Education

 Buying a Home

• Fannie Mae: Home Buying Guide
• Federal Reserve Board: Looking for the Best Mortgage, en espanol
• Federal Trade Commission: Borrower's Guide to Home Loans
• Federal Trade Commission: How to Buy a Manufactured / Mobile Home
• Health & Human Services: 12 Ways to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs
• HUD: Buying A Home
• Mortgage Bankers Association: Home Loan Learning Center

Budgeting and Saving

• General Services Administration: 66 Ways to Save Money
• Tennessee Saves: You Can Build Wealth

ID Theft & Security

Federal Bureau of Investigation homepage
• FDIC: Tips for Safe Banking Over the Internet
Information on Phishing

Credit and Credit Cards

• Federal Reserve Bank: A Beginners Guide to Securing Your Financial Future
• Federal Reserve Board: The Credit Card You Pick Could Save You Money

Predatory Lending

• HUD: Don’t Be A Victim of Loan Fraud
• OCC: Putting Your Home on the Line is Risky Business
• American Bar Association: Safe Borrowing, Avoiding Predatory Lending

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