Stacey Langford headshot icon

Stacey Langford

Senior Vice President of Membership -
Sharon Justice-McCray headshot icon

Sharon Justice-McCray

Vice President of Human Resources and Facilities -
Steve Curtis headshot icon

Steve Curtis

Vice President of Information Technology -
Penny Powlas headshot icon

Penny Powlas

Executive Assistant, Administration/Legal -
T'Lanie Luu headshot icon

T'Lanie Luu

Member Services Specialist -
Sandra Johnson headshot icon

Sandra Johnson

Training Center Coordinator -
Lacy York headshot icon

Lacy York

Receptionist -


Angela Griffin headshot icon

Angela Griffin

CPA, CGMA, Executive Vice President/CFO -
Mike Ailinger headshot icon

Mike Ailinger

Staff Accountant -
Shemeka Greer headshot icon

Shemeka Greer

Accounts Receivable & Payable Clerk -

Legal / Government Relations

Tim Amos headshot icon

Tim Amos

Executive Vice President/General Counsel -
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Amy Heaslet headshot icon

Amy Heaslet

Senior Vice President/Deputy Counsel -


Debbie M. Brickles headshot icon

Debbie M. Brickles

IOM, Senior Vice President of Training & Development -
Susan R. Taylor headshot icon

Susan R. Taylor

CMP, Senior Vice President of Professional Development -
Monique Jenkins headshot icon

Monique Jenkins

Education Services Specialist -


Tyler Nelson headshot icon

Tyler Nelson

Director of Communications -
Matt Radford headshot icon

Matt Radford

Creative Director -
Lila Griffin headshot icon

Lila Griffin

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